The tulips explosion at the Keukenhof
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Tulips in Amterdam 2019: useful info!

The tulips flowering at the Keukenhof
The tulips flowering at the Keukenhof

Tulips in Amsterdam: 2019 flowering, Keukenhof opening dates, timetables and prices. How to get to Lisse from Amsterdam and Schiphol.

The most famous park in Holland is located near Lisse (between Amsterdam and The Hague) and every year welcomes thousands of visitors enchanted by the colors and scents of nature awakening in the spring!

Keukenhof is open from 21 March 2019 up to 19 May 2019

Pavilions and paths inside the Keukenhof
Pavilions and paths inside the Keukenhof

Thirty gardeners, each year in mid-September, plant around 7 million bulbs (including 800 varieties of tulips) by hand, on a surface of 32 hectares. In spring you can admire the results of their work. Keukenhof it’s not only
the world’s most beautiful spring garden but also an extraordinary international showcase for the horticulture sector!

The theme of 2019 will be “Flower Power” to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the park. Hippie atmospheres, floral treasure hunts, fashion shows (this year, the theme of the Flower Parade will be Changing World), concerts (unmissable the Woodstock Festival to relive the atmospheres of 1969), special events for Easter or for the King Birthday. We are sure that the gardeners will be able to create a Peace&Music climate worthy of visitors’ expectations.

The tulips explosion at the Keukenhof
The tulips explosion at the Keukenhof

Enjoy the park, the colouful paths, the pavilions, the mills, the streams and remember that, if you want to admire the complete flowering of the 7 million bulbs, in my opinion, you will have to plan the visit from the second half of April.

The wonderful bulbs flowering at the Keukenhof
The wonderful bulbs flowering at the Keukenhof


The queue is long, especially if you arrive in the mid-morning so, book the ticket in advance and avoid printing tickets as you can show them by your phone or tablet!

Do you know the history of the park?

The history of the park dates back to the fifteenth century when, in the garden part of the Countess Jacqueline of Bavaria property, medicinal herbs and vegetables were grown for the kitchen of the castle Teylingen (Keukenhof in Dutch means “kitchen garden”). Only in 1949, about twenty horticulturists and exporters decided to transform part of the property into a permanent exposition area of ​​spring flowers. The park officially opened to the public in 1950 and the success was immediate and unexpected, with over 200,000 visitors.

How to get to the tulip park from Amsterdam.

Take the train to Haarlem (a delightful little town, just a 13-minute journey from the capital. I suggest you a stop for a few hour)! In the square just in front of the Haarlem station, take the Arriva bus no. 50 and get off at the Nachtegaal stop (a bright display inside the bus with a punctual indication of the stops will help you to avoid mistakes but you can safely ask the driver to show you!). In Nachtegaal, wait for bus n. 850 and in 5 minutes you will be inside the Keukenhof. This second bus is a kind of circular one connecting only the Nachtegaal stop to the park.

How to get to the tulip park from Schiphol.

Arrivals Terminal 4 near Starbucks, take the Keukenhof Express (bus 858) and in 30 minutes you will be directly to the park for € 24 (ticket can be purchased directly at the airport) ! Do you want to know bus timetables from Schiphol to Keukenhof? Click here!

Hours: open every day from 8 to 19.30. The ticket office closes at 18. Prices: € 16 adults, € 8 children from 4 to 11 years, free for children under 3.

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