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Living Large Journey: our travel philosophy

Sunday River Mouth – South Africa [all rights reserved]
The journey is a moment of leisure. but also a need of human nature.

An opportunity, but contextually a challenge with ourselves. We travel for many reasons: there are those who travel to reflect about themselves, those who travel to meet themselves and the others. Those, for whom traveling represents a need of time suspension, a necessary escape from daily life, in order to return, after on, inside enriched and regenerated.

However, the journey, rather than suspending, expands the time of live. Traveling gives us a priceless wealth of experiences and emotions, in a paradoxically restricted time. Traveling ten days is equivalent to living ten years of ordinary life, so many are the sensory and cultural stimuli that follow each other in our mind, through our eyes, our ears and also our sense of smell and our taste.

Traveling represents, perhaps, the most fitting metaphor of life. Living through traveling has characterized the life of whom drove the course of the History: from Alexander the Great to Julius Caesar, from Christopher Columbus to Napoleon and Charlemagne. Because life, either that of the great historical figures, as our simple daily life, is a perennial journey to discover ourselves, the world, the others. It is a journey whose horizon is continually renewed, almost moving away from the infinite, but which reserves us every day: experiences, emotions, small and great fulfillments, small and great pains. Traveling therefore: suspends our ordinary time, allowing us to live the dilated time of variegate experience and challenging diversity. At the same time it teaches us to live better, representing a metaphor of life as movement and continuous enrichment.

Our travel philosophy, which we would like to share with you in this blog, find its bases on this brief preamble: for us to travel is to suspend our ordinary life, relax, explore, know, intrigue, laugh and, above all, live fully, without discounts. Living a great journey, living a large journey, is like living a great life and this represents the strength of our travel philosophy.

We will try to tell you about our travels, as multi-sensorial experiences that will involve sight, sounds and taste.

We will do our best to inspire you to the knowledge of the world. We will let you love for holidays, searching the pleasure of discovery the great heritage of experiences and wide human diversity that our wonderful world can disclose for us. With us you will not eat hamburgers in Amazon forest or “spaghetti” in Chilean Patagonia. You will not spend boring days in anonymous touristic village. Nor will we lead you to the ostentation and the fanaticism of the journey as a sacrifice. With us you will travel respecting and savoring diversity worldwide, but without losing completely your daily lifestyle, your temperate comfort. You will take contact with the borders of your comfort-zone, without a violent suspension, because we are convinced that knowledge and experience also need a relaxed body and a peaceful mind to be fully appreciated.

We are convinced that every excess distracts us from living experiences in their true and authentic nature. Follow us. Let’s start this journey together through the five continents seen with our eyes.


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