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    Rome, street art tour in Tor Pignattara

    My journey in Rome street art ran among the streets of Tor Pignattara district and revealed to me that it’s not just a simple urban make-up: it is rather a non-verbal communication between the artists, the residents and the people passing through. Tor Pignattara is a district located in the east quadrant of the capital, in the last years redeveloped with important projects. Essentially, the contribution given by the “contemporary muralism” (what we commonly call “mural”) is an art form that restore life and color to the anonymous facades of the buildings. And not only. The itinerary, designed by the Festina Lente association on the traces of street art in…

  • Matera-Sassi
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    Matera: Italy’s hidden gem

    Matera is glamour. The Sassi and The Park of The Rock Churches – World Heritage Site since 1993 – tell the extraordinary ability of adaptation of the men who have inhabited this harsh but, at the same time, welcoming land. Although the settlements date back to the Palaeolithic, the 2019 European Capital of Culture has perfectly preserved the primitive urban structure, characterized by underground shelters dug into the ravines and cluster structures leaning against each other. Like “Prigioni” sculpted by Michelangelo, the houses of the historic center are set in the Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano or bundled up in the Civita district, a cliff overlooking the Romanesque Cathedral while,…

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    Nine million bicycles in Beijing: my lost city

    Nine million bicycles in Beijing. The beautiful song of Katie Melua, accompanied my first trip to Beijing in the late 2005. Once I arrived there I found a city so different from that you can see today… and so far for our western perception of life. Beijing was just starting its opening to the rest of the world, up for the 2008 Olympic games. Bicycles, bicycles and bicycles painted as colourful snakes the huge roads of the city. Few cars, the main part taxis, were just hidden by this bicycles river and by the traditional rickshaws. This is the first image I remember of my sweet Beijing which doesn’t exist…

  • Sundays-River-South-Africa
    Travel Philosophy

    Living Large Journey: our travel philosophy

    The journey is a moment of leisure. but also a need of human nature. An opportunity, but contextually a challenge with ourselves. We travel for many reasons: there are those who travel to reflect about themselves, those who travel to meet themselves and the others. Those, for whom traveling represents a need of time suspension, a necessary escape from daily life, in order to return, after on, inside enriched and regenerated. However, the journey, rather than suspending, expands the time of live. Traveling gives us a priceless wealth of experiences and emotions, in a paradoxically restricted time. Traveling ten days is equivalent to living ten years of ordinary life, so…